About Us

About Us 
The Vérité is an independent digital journal, in which up-to-date articles, analysis and review of social and political issues are published. Our focus include politics and public policy, international relations, peace and security, human rights, and ethics. The Vérité is a truth seeking digital journal. We represent what our name stand for “truth”. The Vérité always seek the truth, act independently, publish fair and impartial articles, promote human dignity, and place ethics over the law. The website was founded by Adeniyi Fasoro and is run by an extended editorial collective and many authors, which is also open to contributions of politically interested guest authors and bloggers. You can subscribe to The Vérité via e-mail, WordPress, Twitter , Instagram , Facebook or RSS feed . Too complicated? Easy to set as a home page and never miss a content again! Too uncomplicated? Just take a look from time to time!

Source: Oxford Dictionaries: Vérité.

You can reach us through the e-mail addresses listed below or, as long as there is still a Facebook, on our Facebook page. General information such as recommendations, suggestions, praise and constructive complaints can be sent to complaints@theverit.com or via our contact form. Proposals for guest contributions or inquiries for sending The Vérité stickers should be sent to editorial@theverit.com. Do not be shy! For questions about published articles and reviews, please also refer to the commentary function under the individual contributions.

The Founder 


Adeniyi Fasoro is the founder of The Vérité. He is a trained philosopher and a political scientist. He was educated at the University of Ado Ekiti, Higher School of Economics and the Technical University of Berlin respectively. He has also conducted research at Brown University as a visiting research fellow, at Queen’s University (Canada) as a visiting researcher and at KU Leuven as a visiting scholar. He is a recipient of the German Academic Exchange Service research fellowship, the Kone Foundation research grant, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation scholarship, among others.  You can reach him at: adeniyi.fasoro@theverit.com.